Vali Torc Pot

Previous Next Vali Torc Pot Tiny: 48cm Top, 60cm High, 30cm Base Extra-Small: 52cm Top, 100cm High, 34cm Base Small: 56cm Top, 133cm High, 36cm

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Trough Torc Pot

Previous Next Trough Torc Pot All of our Troughs can be made to measure to suit your requirements. Contact us for a price based on

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Bed Pebble Torc Pot

Bed Pebble Torc Pot Small: 82cm Long, 50cm Wide, 35-40cm High Medium: 122.5cm Long, 62cm Wide, 35-40cm High Large: 165cm Long, 81cm Wide, 35-40cm High

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Ove Torc Pot

Ove Torc Pot Small:65cm Top, 78cm High, 42cm Base Medium: 90cm Top, 99cm High, 52cm Base Large: 115cm Top, 120cm High, 63cm Base Extra-Large:144cm Top,

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Olin Torc Pot

Previous Next Olin Torc Pot Tiny: 50cm Top, 92cm High, 32cm Base Extra-Small: 58cm Top, 120cm High, 36cm Base Small: 62cm Top, 145cm High, 38cm

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Nia Torc Pot

Previous Next Nia Torc Pot Small: 83cm Top, 41cm High. Medium: 102cm Top, 47cm High. Large: 133cm Top, 64cm High. Extra-Large: 152cm Top, 64cm High.

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Medea Torc Pot

Previous Next Medea Torc Pot Extra-Small: 80cm Top, 60cm High, 50cm Base, 102cm Middle Small: 94cm Top, 67cm High, 52cm Base, 103cm Middle Medium: 106cm

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Onara Torc Pot

Onara Torc Pot Tiny: 50cm Top, 73cm High, 28cm Base Extra-Small: 70cm Top, 83cm High, 34cm Base Small: 90cm Top, 103cm High, 44cm Base Medium:

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Kari Torc Pot

Previous Next Kari Torc Pot Tiny: 66cm Top, 48cm High, 35cm Base Extra-Small: 83cm Top, 65cm High, 46cm Base Small: 110cm Top, 86cm High, 62cm

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Jena Torc Pot

Jena Torc Pot Standard sizes below, however any dimensions available upon enquiry. Tiny: 32cm Top, 54cm High, 32cm Base Extra-Small: 44cm Top, 64cm High, 44cm

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Dace Torc Pot

Dace Torc Pot Standard sizes below, however any dimensions available upon enquiry. Tiny: 40cm Top, 28cm High, 40cm Base Extra-Small: 60cm Top, 38cm High, 60cm

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Caradoc Torc Pot

Previous Next Caradoc Torc Pot Tiny: 60cm Top, 50cm High, 30cm Base Extra-Small: 80cm Top, 70cm High, 35cm Base Small: 100cm Top, 90cm High, 45cm

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Cara Torc Pot

Cara Torc Pot Extra-Small: 80cm Top, 44cm Height, 35cm Base, 84cm Middle Small: 106cm Top, 64cm Height, 41cm Base, 111cm Middle Medium: 130cm Top, 64cm

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Box Torc Pot

Previous Next Box Torc Pot All of our boxes can be made to measure to suit your requirements. Contact us for a price based on

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Bow Torc Pot

Previous Next Bow Torc Pot Tiny: 38cm Top, 50cm High, 25cm Base, 45cm Middle Extra-Small: 49cm Top, 65cm High, 32cm Base, 58cm Middle Small: 70cm

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Asa Torc Pot

Previous Next Asa Torc Pot Extra-Small: 52cm Top, 46cm High, 30cm Base, 82cm Middle Small: 70cm Top, 54cm High, 52cm Base, 87cm Middle Medium: 83cm

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Abria Torc Pot

Previous Next Abria Torc Pot Tiny: 48cm Top, 41cm High, 24cm Base Extra-Small: 61cm Top, 49cm High, 27cm Base Small: 85cm Top, 69cm High, 45cm

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Abbas Torc Pot

Abbas Torc Pot Small: 110cm Top, 75cm High, 42cm Base. Medium: 135cm Top, 99cm High, 52cm Base. Large: 163cm Top, 110cm High, 79cm Base. Extra-Large:

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