The Garden Intervention
One of the main features of your garden is the planting within it

The Garden Intervention - planting design and installation

Are you happy with the design, layout and structure of your garden but thinking of a plant revamp?

A lot of gardens that have been built for more than 5 years often need a plant revamp. The structural elements can look great but the planting let’s it down.

Let us use our wide experience and expertise in plant design and knowledge to revamp your garden. Darragh is a fully qualified horticulturist from Writtle College in the UK and has worked in horticulture and gardening for 30 years – we know what works and can produce the style you seek.

We can provide you with that single specimen beauty you have your eye on, a plunge plant in the beds (filling up any gaps) or a total replant of your garden.

We can also re condition your soil leaving a great basis for the new plants. We do this initially by removing unwanted plants leaving bare soil. We then dig the soil and add soil conditioner to it. We use a product call ‘Gee Up’. Gee Up is basically steroids for plants which works wonders. To finish the soil conditioning, we add a product called ‘soil renew’. This leaves a great basis for the planting and an even better basis for thriving healthy plants.

The Process

1.Call Darragh 0872259319 or email

2. We will discuss your requirements and ask you to send a few photos or quick video by WhatsApp

3. After this, we can discuss arrangements to meet or even better as everyone is busy, we can visit your garden, access it and report back via a video report

4. We can then schedule an appointment in the nursery to pick out a selection of plants

5. Soil condition your garden

6. Take delivery of your plants

7. Plant them

8. Finish with a fine mulch

We look forward to hearing from you and your garden.

Planting Types:

Formal and informal hedging

Structural planting

Herbaceous planting

Bulbs – Autumn planting – we can work out flowering times from early feb to June then follow on from that also

Seeds to scatter

087 2259319


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