One of the main features of your garden is the planting within it


One of the main features of your garden is the planting within it. It’s what makes us gardeners & makes us want to be out enjoying the fruits of our labour

We specialise in planting design & layout. We don’t do full planting plans as such because if we specify certain plants – they may not be available – we tend to go with a plant budget & go from there. We will certainly advise on what you need to budget for to make it right.

We use our experience to assess the style of planting you require whether it be formal, informal, cottage style etc. Darragh is a fully trained horticulturist from Writtle College in Essex, England & has 25 years’ experience in horticulture / gardening so he knows what works & what will work for you

Whether you are planting a new garden, resurrecting an old garden back to life or adding to an established garden – we can offer great assistance to you.

We will assess your existing garden, discuss your planting requirements with you. After this, we will meet you in the nursery & walk through your requirements. This is an invaluable resource as all the plants are in front of you. Be aware thou – it’s like kids in a sweet shop but it’s fun.

After all the plants are picked, we organise delivery of the plants, lay them out, get your approval, plant & mulch. Then you watch your newly planted garden flourish.

All we ask you to do is to water initially. This will get you outside & is an enjoyable part of the process otherwise we can care & maintain your newly planted garden for you.

Planting types:

Formal & informal hedging

Structural planting

Herbaceous planting

Bulbs – Autumn planting – we can work out flowering times from early feb to June then follow on from that also

Seeds to scatter

Each & every planting design & layout is bespoke to you – The client & your garden

Please call Darragh @ 087 2259319 to discuss further & make an appointment

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