Garden Health

The health of your garden relies on the overall health of your soil

Soil Conditioning, Spraying & Feeding Programme

The health of your garden relies on the overall health of your soil. A healthy soil will grow healthy plants that will flourish throughout the year. We can work alongside you in your garden or your existing service provider (gardener)to carry out these works throughout the year. We have the expert knowledge to carry out he tasks with you or your service provider (gardener).

We can assess your garden for the general health of your soil, whether it needs re nourishment & feeding & if your plants need regular spraying of insecticide fungicide to keep them healthy.

Generally, a well-designed garden meeting current trends will have all or some of the following plants:

• Roses

• Bay Trees

• Yew Hedging

• Box Hedging

• A Lawn

• Hydrangeas (both types – mophead & annabelles, Limelights)

• Camillias & a host of others.

These plants all require to be as healthy as possible for them to preform to the best of their abilities. All do require feeding for strong growth & spraying to keep all pests such as greenfly,disease ( blackspot, boxblight) & fungal infections away. Met Eireann can issue blight warning throiughout the year so this is kept an eye on for pressure points throughout the year.

Treatment can be carried out at least annually but quarterly or twice yearly would be recommended. A well-designed garden is like a pedigree & requires looking after to the highest standards. We are fully qualified in the safe use of all horticultural feeds & sprays.

An overview of what is carried out is:

• Spraying of plants for pests & diseases using commercial grade mix

• Feeding of plants using chicken pellets

• Spreading of manure pellets throughout the whole of the garden including lawn

• Feeding of lawn using appropriate feed ie Summer/Autumn feed etc

• Spraying of lawn for weeds

• Suggestions to mulching of beds if required

Once you have carried out the outlined tasks your garden will be in good shape to flourish for the year ahead. The costs of the applications vary from garden to garden & has to be assessed on each garden visit. This could be tied in with a consultation if required.


Lawn Health & Feeding

The lawn in your garden is an important feature & will invariably give the onlooker the overall impression of your garden as to whether it is looking good or not. Nothing beats a lush green healthy lawn that’s weed free & strong.

A lawn that is full of weeds, moss & not that strong looking will never do anything for the overall impression of your garden. To make it look sharp, we recommend a number of things:

• Implement a fertilisation programme. We can decide what to use & when upon initial assessment of your lawn

• Implement a spraying programme, again decided upon initial assessment

• Spreading of manure pellets on lawn to increase the crumb structure of the soil leading to more aeration which leads to a less compact & healthy lawn

• Blade edging against a kerb edging will always give a sharp look to your lawn separating it slightly from the hard surface

• We can also recommend & carry out scarification & aerating using commercial grade machines if it is required.

At the minimum in a well-designed garden that’s professionally constructed, a fertilisation programme should be implemented. This will keep the lawn strong & lush without it being into remedial works such as scarifying & aerating.

We can identify what is required on an initial assessment & once booked in we come & do it quarterly, so it avoids you ringing each time you think its required.

We use professional grade products on all over lawn treatments & are fully qualified in the safe use of such products. We will use the correct products on your lawn.

All items used in your garden are logged & records kept on a word document which is added to on each visit to your garden.

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