Passionate about Pots

Passionate About Pots

We find that at that end of a new design and build project or when a garden is mature and established, the addition of a selection pots will always be an invaluable investment for your outdoor space and garden.

We supply pots which are built to last.

The pots we use are distinctive and durable pieces suitable for outdoor area, gardens, architectural spaces and commercial spaces.

The pots we recommend are from NDT Potteries and Torc Pots with whom we have an established relationship.

NDT Potteries

NDT Potteries are based In the Netherlands and are stocked in Windyridge Garden Centre in Killiney.

The Process is easy. We meet at Windyridge Garden Centre, pick out some pots and then we organise delivery and planting.

All you need to do is enjoy them.

Torc Pots

Torc Pots who are based in Jersey. They pride themselves using organic and contemporary designs that are shaped by hand and given added character and individuality by using finishes that develop a unique weathered patina over time.

When we are surrounded by so much that is mass produced there is a real appreciation for hand-crafted objects created out of organic materials which appeal to our senses. The pots are shaped by hand, layer by layer, enhanced by texture and finish until they take on their own unique form and because of this no two pots are ever quite the same.


Our range of Pots come in a wide range of colours. The colour chart will be presented during our consultation. There are great colours available including Bone White, Black, Carbon, Light Grey, Grey, Bronze, Bronze Patina, Copper, Copper Patina, Rust, Ox, Sage and Taupe. Your statement pots can be made to any of these colours.

We are very excited to share details of our Torc Pot range with you. 

The Process

Please contact us by phone on 087 2259319 or by email at or use the form on our contact page.

We will visit your outdoor space by appointment and agree on the pots and planting. We’ll order the pots and deliver them. Once the locations for the pots have been finalised we’ll plant them with structural and seasonal planting

Planting in pots gives great colour throughout the seasons in your garden – whether it be nice structural box, a mix of Geraniums in summer or nice red Cyclamen at Christmas time

Pots also add a vertical element to your garden giving a great height dimension. – we would recommend using a few bigger ones rather than a lot of small pots – bigger pots also don’t dry out as much

We will plant them throughout the year for you. Once you give us the go ahead to plant seasonally, they will be planted seamlessly throughout the year giving you great colour and satisfaction in them throughout the year – all you have to do is water them getting you out in your garden – win win

087 2259319


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