Garden consultations

Did you have your garden designed & landscaped?
Do you have a company care for & maintain your garden or do you care for your garden yourself?
Are you happy with your gardens overall look & do you think the garden could be improved?

Our background is from the design & build sector of the horticultural industry which lead us to becoming a garden care company over the last ten years. We now fully specialise in garden care & maintenance & have 3 teams working throughout the Dublin area. We’ve worked on many garden builds where designs were implemented & constructed. Gardens, we believe should be in their prime condition from the day they are finished by the designer & landscaper. We have an eye for the fine details of every garden. We now work for many landscape designers within Dublin where we care for their gardens & keep them in top condition.

What is the aim of our consultation service?

The main aim of our garden consultation service is to access the existing garden & advise you of any improvements that could be made within your garden. If you have a garden company employed to care for your garden at present & are happy with the service provided but are just looking for a pair of fresh eyes to look at your garden, then we will assess the requirements & give you feedback to your service provider to improve your garden.

We will advise on the following:

• The overall impression of your garden
• If the existing maintenance/care hrs are suitable for your garden to achieve the best results
• If there are any improvements that could be made by you or your service provider
• If the plants & soil are healthy & if not, we will suggest a programme to improve both
• If there are any planting requirements or gaps within your garden that could be carried out

Review & Improve your garden with our Consultation service

The general idea of our consultation service, whether you carry out the care & maintenance of your garden or if you have a professional company in to do it is to throw a fresh pair of eyes on it, to review it & to improve it.

After our initial visit, it would be very beneficial to review it again in 3-4 months to make sure any actions were put into place. We can schedule a visit on a quarterly basis, twice per year or yearly basis.

As part of the consultation service, we can provide suggestions for seasonal planting, which we can provide to you, for you to plant up, your service provider to plant up or we can plant them up for you. We can discuss this further at the time.

If you would like to discuss this further, please call darragh @ 087 2259319 or email