I have had the idea for a while re setting up a YouTube channel but never got round to it – we all lead busy lives but I have bitten the bullet & set it up

Whats the idea & whats it about

Firstly its about what we do as a business – the main aim of our business is to provide quality scheduled garden care to garden throughout Dublin & its surrounding counties.  Our moto is that we let the designers design , the landscapers build then we care for & maintain – we will keep your garden the way it is looking on the last day of the build – always great

YouTube Channel

The idea for the YouTube channel is to provide tips on gardening tasks throughout the year.  We as gardeners, undertake tasks throughout our daily working lives & it becomes 2nd nature to us – we will provide you with the skills & confidence necessary so you can go out & tackle it, whether it be cutting your beloved tree ferns or hydrangea limelights to planting bulbs – we’ll try to cover it

If there is anything you would like to know about please dont hestitate to contact me @ info@darraghconnolly.ie

Please look at the clip below


Thanks for reading, viewing & catch up soon,