Keeping your hard surfaces clean & washed in your garden will only add to it when you’ve carried it out – the paved surfaces preform such an important part of your garden & its only right that they are cared for & looked after also – when your garden was designed & built a big investment was made for these surfaces – they create form, structure & mood within your garden

What type of power washer do I need?

There are 2 main types of power

  1. Petrol power washer

          2.  Electric power washer

Both preform the same tasks but you could use them in slightly different circumstances

In  areas where its very dirty & hasn’t been power washed in a longtime, the petrol one would be preferred or on a cobble-lock driveway for example, the bigger, more powerful power washer would be more efficient

On areas where frequent power washing is carried out, the smaller electric power washer would be more suitable – many designers are using pale coloured paving of late, some of which we power wash weekly to keep them perfect throughout the year

Before power washing, a stone cleaner is recommended to use first – this can be purchased at your local stone merchants – they will recommend the products they have – reading the directions is necessary when using this but generally a light power washing of surface first, apply solution, leave it to work for a half hour or so then come back to power wash – this is especially good where black spots have appeared on the stone & you would like them gone

This paving requires a power wash so a light power wash was carried out, solution applied & then finished off

The results are good & you are left with a nicely cleaned surface

Top-Tip: windows will require a wash after, washing them down with the power washer will leave it streaky – pick up a sponge & a blade from your local hardware & wash them this way after power washing  –  the garden will be gleaming

Enjoy your power washing!!!