A Healthy Garden is a Watered Garden

The hose is always pulled out when we go to water our gardens but I’m going to describe & show you another method with the aid of this blog & a video I made

Equipment Needed:

200 Litre Water Butt
2 Watering cans
A length of hose
Brush or blower

When we water our gardens with a hose, the water never really gets to the roots as we don’t water for long enough – in my own garden in takes me 50 seconds to fill up a 10 litre watering can which is quite a long time if you are just using the hose – try it – i bet you will think you have watered a good area withing that time where as really your not – its more of a splash that doesn’t get to the roots of the issue – pardon the pun

If we use a 200 litre Water Butt, fill it up, then use 2 watering cans to dispense out the water you will get a good watering in your beds – generally if you dunk 2 watering cans & pour them out, you will water approx 1.5 meter of a bed that approx 1 m wide – you’d never do that with a hose – its also a good work out

Have a look at this video that explains it:

So after you do a section of your garden, the best method to water the rest of it is to move the Water Butt when the water is low in it – move to the next section & wait for it to fill up – carry on with another job while your waiting for the Butt to fill up – once full, crack on with some more watering – your plants & garden will thank you for it

When your finished your watering, some soil may have ran out onto your hard surfaces – they may need a quick brush or a blow when done to tidy it up

This is the way we do it when we are caring & maintaining our gardens – give it a go to see the results

Happy Watering,