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Garden Care Plus is a new service which allows your recently completed hardscaped and softscaped projects to be cared for and maintained.
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We let the designers design, the landscapers build and we care for and maintain.

Building business through client referral and satisfaction.

Garden maintenance and garden care experts working for over 20 years in Dublin and surrounding counties.  We specialise in scheduled garden and maintenance care packages offering weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and annual visits keeping your garden in great shape throughout the year.

We also specialise in the expert planting of gardens – rejuvenated old gardens or freshly landscaped new gardens – where all the hard surfaces have already been laid.

Sorry, but we don't lay paving or paths ...

Garden Care by Darragh Connolly

Darragh Connolly Garden Care specialises in the care and maintenance of designed gardens on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and quarterly basis.

We will visit your garden, discuss your requirements as to the level of care and maintenance required and produce a plan to suit your garden.

We work with many of Dublin’s best Garden Designers and take pride in looking after them. Our aim is to evolve your garden to the best it can be by caring and maintaining it to our best abilities.

The tasks are undertaken in your garden using the best quality tools and equipment and are fully serviced on a regular basis to produce great results in your garden.

The way it works is that we will provide a catch up first to get to a maintainable level, discuss any planting requirements, plant it up, mulch the beds using the best product called Gee-Up and then initialise your care and maintenance programme.

A list of references is available on request.

Another option is for us to become your gardening consultants which keeps your service provider in place. 

We do this by assessing your garden as is and if required, we can do a catch up followed by liaising with your service provider going forward to keep it at the best standard.

During this process we can add planting seasonally, plant up any pots and hanging baskets for you, supply and plant bulbs for you and if required carry out any specialised pruning for you throughout the year. Generally, we do this because your service provider is at capacity and has no time to plant and mulch throughout the year…..don’t worry, we can…

Please call us on 087 225 9319 to organise your initial visit to discuss the care and maintenance of your garden.

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Garden Health

What is Garden Health?

The health of your garden relies on the overall health of your soil.

A healthy soil will grow healthy plants that will flourish throughout the year.

We can work alongside you, or your gardener, in your garden to carry out these works throughout the year.

We can work with you to assess the general health of your soil, whether it needs re nourishment and feeding and if your plants need regular spraying of insecticide fungicide to keep them healthy.

CALL US NOW ON 087 2259319

Garden Health Plans

Choose the best plan for your garden

Please Note: Prices can vary depending on the size of your garden and what work is required

Classic Health

Garden Health Care Excluding Lawns
  • Spraying of plants for pests & diseases using commercial grade mix
  • Feeding of plants using H-Cote 10:10:10
  • Spreading of H-Cote 10:10:10 pellets throughout the whole of the garden excluding lawn

Classic Health Plus

Garden Health Care Including Lawns
  • Spraying of plants for pests & diseases using commercial grade mix
  • Feeding of plants using H-Cote 10:10:10
  • Spreading of H-Cote 10:10:10 pellets throughout the whole of the garden including lawn
  • Feeding of lawn using appropriate feed ie Summer/Autumn feed etc
  • Spraying of lawn for weeds

All prices are subject to VAT at 13.5%

Why hire us?

What you get when you hire us to do your garden:

20 plus years of experience in gardening care in Dublin and Wicklow, giving you access to our vast range of knowledge

Dublin Gardeners who are members of ALCI (Association of Landscape Contractors of Ireland), Pick-a-Pro, and the National Guild Of Master Craftsmen

Professional, reliable and trustworthy

We always have happy customers

Always do that extra bit in make our customers happy

We use award winning STIHL equipment for all gardening work

Our tools are regularly serviced and sharpened for the best results

We consider our tools an investment to ensure quality and efficiency

We specialise in garden maintenance in Dublin and its surrounding areas

Dublin based gardeners who enjoy their work

We take pride in the work that we do

087 2259319


With a reputation for carrying out work to the highest standard, within budget and with full client approval and satisfaction

Gardening Services in Dublin

Full range of services available throughout Dublin, Wickow and surrounding counties including Garden Interventions, Health, Care and Maintenance, Pot Planting and Hedging of all types

About Us

Darragh’s work is mainly in Dublin and North Wicklow. He regards himself as a person that carries out all work thoroughly, to the highest standard possible and takes pride in doing so.

He builds his business through client referral and satisfaction. He is purely focused on garden care and will look after your garden like it’s his own.


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