Hi All,

As we all have some extra time on our hands I thought I’d get you out & moving in your garden.

Just a quick note re caring for your garden during these times:

1. if you have a mower or a lawn, it would be beneficial to run over the lawn – don’t cut it too low, just top it – don’t worry bout the edges for now but if you have an edger or strimmer by all means do so

2. All the beds should be in good condition right now but we are fast approaching a strong growing period – if you have a hoe, grab it out of the shed & hoe the beds avoiding any bulbs & emerging herbaceous plants

3. The hedges are good for now – they will trim in alter april/may

4. Watering of your garden is important just now too – even though we have been thru a very wet winter, it’s been dry for a number of weeks now – grab a watering can or a hose & water the beds & pots around the garden – put the hose on a fine spray as not to damage any young plants/bulbs etc

5. Gravel driveways will be popping with weeds too – best practice is to walk the driveway up & down using a hoe/knife/trowel & to weed it as you pass – this will reduce it from being overrun with weeds

6. Greenfly/aphids & general pests are loving this weather – please if you have any roses, mop head hydrangeas, apple trees & in general any soft growth plant spray with rose-clear or similar – a great organic one is a teaspoon full of baking powder, a teaspoon of washing up liquid, a teaspoon of baby bio into a 5 litre sprayer & away you go

7. If you own a blower of sorts, blow all hard surfaces to keep clear from debris – if not a good auld yard brush is a rewarding job & will work up a sweat

8. Power Washing – its a great time of year to power wash the hard surfaces in your garden – its another excuse to get out & get some fresh air – you could do your car also but only one per day to keep it going for the next day

Do all this once a week or even better twice a week – gardens are great this time of year – it’ll keep the heart healthy & fill up the lungs full of fresh air – we are lucky to be gardeners & have these spaces to use during these times

Stay Safe & Keep Healthy,

Darragh & team