Have a look through the benefits of choosing our water butts compared to other types.  Being child friendly lids along with certified by Dublin City Council would be the big ones for me, but theres plenty of differences


Water Butt Features  Other Water Butts
 100 Litre & 200 Litre Capacity   
 Sturdy Polypropylene Construction Other Water Butts can be made from brittle plastic which can crack if subjected to any impact
 Child Safe Lid  Very important feature which some other Water Butts do not have !
 Full Kit Supplied inc the Tank, Base, Hoselock Tap, Child Safe Lid & Universal Diverter Fitting for the Downpipe & Installation Instructions 
 Attractive ‘Woodgrain’ Design  Other Water Butts Do Not have this feature.
 Concentrated Dark Green Dye used during manufacture to reduce natural sunlight effects  Other Water Butts can develop unsightly ‘White Streaks’ over time due to sunlight effects !
 Approved by Dublin City Council & Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council mainly because of it’s Sturdy construction and Child safe Lid.  Other Water Butts Do Not have this Approval !
 Single Piece Sturdy Base Other Water Butts can have a 3-piece base which lends itself to instability, especially when tank is low on water !
 Hoselock Tap as Standard which means that a hose can be connected Directly to the Tap  Other Water Butts Do Not have this feature which means that a Jubilee clip must be used to connect the Garden Hose !
 Can be used with a Suction Pressure Washer for washing the Car, Driveway, Patio, Windows etc 
 Will Pay for itself over time when Water Charges are introduced 
 Easy Installation ( Other Fittings available for awkward size downpipes )  We Supply a range of different Fittings, which other Water Butt Suppliers do not have as standard.
 Full Installation Instructions included with each Kit should you wish to self-install. 
 Installation Service Available

Water Butt


Call darragh on 087 2259 319 or simply drop a line to info@darraghconnolly.ie.  I’m looking forward to saving you money!


The cost for the first one is €125.  If you require 2, the cost is €230 & if your folks or neighbour require one then €330.


I look forward to hearing from you.