So January has passed & we’ve hit February & people ask what have we’ve been doing, surely you havn’t been working in that weather? what are you doing in the garden at this time of year.  Well the answer to these questions are :

  1. We have had zero rain off days in January & have been really busy.  In fact one of the busiest Jans to date.

What we have been doing:

Like the good auld saying says that ‘You get out what you put in’ really comes to the fore at this time of the year.  We do a lot of soil conditioning & feeding giving everything a boost & ready to burst once spring comes round.  We use a really well rotted manure incorporated with manure pellets giving a nice mulch throughout the garden.  We use this as its a living product & really conditions the soil & boosts everything.  Bark & other mulches are OK but they just an aesthetic product really not really feeding the plants.  The other great advantage of conditioning the soil is that its a great sign that the garden is in good shape that is everything is cut back & beds weeded out.

Conditioning the soil will also give the planting within the beds less stress during periods of drought like we had last Summer & will recover quicker when drought ends.  This was really noticeable last Summer.

So get out there,  grab some manure, a spade, some elbow grease, a hat & dig in that manure to those beds.  You’ll feel great, with a big connection to nature & the results will be great.  We recommend a product called Gee-Up for this purpose available in good garden centres.  Just tell them we sent you….