Passionate about Pots by Darragh Connolly

Passionate about Pots We find that at that end of a new design and build project or when a garden is mature and established, the addition of a statement pot or pots will always be an invaluable investment for your outdoor space and garden. We can supply a range of unique and handcrafted pots which […]

Gardening Hand Tools

Hand Tools – What I Use Gardening with the right tools will make your enjoyment richer and give a better result – a good set of hand tools are essential and if looked after and cared for, are a great addition for the avid gardener. As a pro, the first hand tool to acquire has […]

Box (Buxus Sempervirens) – Their use & care

Box Buxus Sempervirens – Common Box There are many uses for box plants within our gardens – Garden designers use them to create form and structure within your garden and do this with great results Using box balls in different sizes creating the structure & main form in this garden.  The great thing what happens […]

Lavender – uses & prunning

Lavender Uses Lavenders – their uses and pruning of Lavenders are one of the more popular plants used in gardens for many reasons but namely they attract many bees to the garden, they have very fragrant flowers and are a great addition of colour. Left to their own devices, without regular pruning, the gardener will […]