Soft Washing

Does your home suffer from a moss covered roof or red and green algae staining on the rendered walls?

Our Soft Washing system is a low pressure Eco friendly way to clean all your exterior surfaces contaminated with moss, algae and lichens without the risk of potential damage caused by power washing.

Render Cleaning

Modern building renders are very susceptible to contamination by algae and moulds, this can cause heavy and unsightly red, green or black staining on self coloured renders. Due to the clean finish that these renders give to the appearance of a house, they are now commonly used throughout Ireland.

The only effective way to clean these modern renders is by using soft wash chemicals applied at low pressure. It is important to note that soft render finishes should never be power washed as this will cause damage to the renders surface.

Roof Cleaning

Roofs are the ideal environment for the colonisation by Moss, Algae and Lichens. By simulating a rock shelf they provide water, nutrients and secure purchase on which these micro organisms can thrive. Heavy moss on a roof has the potential to damage roof tiles during cold weather due expansion which can cause cracking.

The only effective way to clean and sterilise a roof is by using soft wash chemicals applied at low pressure. It is important to note that roof tiles should never be power washed. This can cause damage to the tile surface and can lead to water penetration in to the roof space if the underlying felt is old or damaged.


Render Cleaning starts from €255 and includes:

  • Blackwash solution applied to remove black mould staining
  • Soft wash Biocide is sprayed on to walls to kill all remaining contaminants
  • Walls are completely clean on the same day or a couple of days after treatment

Roof Cleaning starts from just €380 and includes the following:

  • All roof moss is removed by hand
  • Guttering is cleaned internally
  • Soft wash solution is sprayed on to the roof to begin the cleaning process
  • The roof is now sterile and you can expect to see good results within 1 – 4 months depending on the level of contamination