We provide a garden maintenance service so you can enjoy your garden at its best throughout the year.  We initally visit your garden to assess the needs/requirements of the site.  We generally advise that a clearout/cutback be carried out to get the garden back into shape.  This would include cutting any hedges, prunning of shrubs, cutting back any herbaceous plants, weeding the beds, spraying of grass for weeds & removal of all waste.  Generally a lawn before any maintenance, is covered in broadleaved weeds.  Once sprayed, the difference is massive to the garden.  We keep it sprayed & fertilised throughout the year.  At this point, we can also carry out any powerwashing requirements you may have.

How long can a clearout take?

Good question.  Any where from as little as 2/3 hours to get a place into shape.


1393After the initial clean up of the garden, we then schedule the visits.  A full maintenance programme can be drawn up at this point & adhered to throughout the seasons.  Maintenance visits can vary in time from 30 min visits to a full day visit, depending on size.

We carry out a weekly, fortnightly, monthly & quarterly visits depending on requirements.

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